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If you have thought about bringing a Bunny into your family there are several wonderful organizations where you can adopt a bunny from.  A large number of these organizations will also provide you with education so that you are not flying blind on taking care of your bunny properly.

The following is a directory of Rabbit Rescues and Organizations that we are aware of.   If your organization is not listed please contact us and let us know your information so we can add you.

House Rabbit Society of Singapore

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The House Rabbit Society of Singapore (HRSS) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organisation dedicated to rabbit welfare and awareness.

A lot of pet animals in Singapore suffer unnecessarily because of ignorance on part of their owners. Many people buy pets on impulse and do not fully appreciate the responsibilities of keeping an animal at home. The problem is particularly acute for rabbits because people wrongly assume that they are low-maintenance starter pets.

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