Adopt A Bunny

If you have thought about bringing a Bunny into your family there are several wonderful organizations where you can adopt a bunny from.  A large number of these organizations will also provide you with education so that you are not flying blind on taking care of your bunny properly.

The following is a directory of Rabbit Rescues and Organizations that we are aware of.   If your organization is not listed please contact us and let us know your information so we can add you.

New Mexico House Rabbit Society

New Mexico Contact: Bill Velasquez
Work PO Box 95226 Albuquerque NM 87199 USA Work Phone: 505-435-9916 Website:
Photo of New Mexico House Rabbit Society

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New Mexico House Rabbit Society assists New Mexico animal shelters, especially Albuquerque Animal Care and Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society, with their rabbit program by:

Our popular Toy Treat Workshop in Santa Fe, in 2015

  • providing volunteers to help care for shelter rabbits
  • providing educational materials for rabbit adopters
  • taking in shelter rabbits when we have space in our foster program
  • providing training to shelter staff on rabbit care and adoptions
  • helping to publicize shelter rabbits in the ABQ/SF area and holding joint adoption events
  • pet “outreach” events, such as the annual Santa Fe Shelter-sponsored Critter Camp, to educate kids about proper rabbit care

New Mexico House Rabbit Society also assists the public by providing information on proper house rabbit care, diet and housing; teaching bunny care classes; giving recommendations for local rabbit-savvy veterinarians; and providing boarding and nail trimming services to our members’ rabbits.

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